Sunday, May 21, 2006

Carla & Elaine's Vintage and Original Cake Collection

Almond Toffee Crunch P765 / 105
a bestseller! decadent chocolate dessert with rich chocolate cream and almond toffee crunch

iple Chocolate Concord P650 / 95
Chocolate three times over: chocolate meringue, chocolate cake and a dense chocolate cream

Tiramisu P650 / 90
A favorite after dinner dessert!

Frozen Sansrival

Frozen Royal Sansrival P655
our signature dessert! layers of frozen wafers filled with vanilla cream and frosted with our signature buttercream

Adam's Fall Apple Pie P695 / 95
Chunky cinnamon apples, streusel and a tender buttery crust

Coffee Walnut Sansrival P675 / 95
Crunchy-chewy wafers with mocha cream

Mango Shortcake P655 / 85
moist vanilla chiffon filled with succulent mangoes and vanilla buttercream.


Decadence P675 / 95
Tender chocolate cake with caramel

Cappuccino Cake P655 / 95
a not too sweet chocolate dessert with a hint of coffee.

Dulce de Leche P585 / 75
a perfect combination of soft chiffon, caramelized sugar and milky filling, topped with white chocolate curls


Banoffi P 595 / 90
a comforting blend of bananas, custard and caramel on graham crust!

Mango Walnut Cream Pie P595 / 85
Mango slices with custard and walnuts on a buttery graham crust

Carrot Cream Cheese P685 / 95
Very moist and chunky carrot cake with cream cheese frosting


Anonymous said...

About your chocolate - caramel cake .. is it a chocolate cake that has caramel sauce around it?

Just Desserts said...

It is a chocolate cake topped with a thick (not fluid) caramel sauce.

Anonymous said...

hi! what's the usual size of the cakes? thanks!

Just Desserts said...

Most are 9-91/2" in diameter

Anonymous said...

hi! where is the pick up point of your products? thanks!


dharmadreams said...

how much are your mini size cakes? im thinking about getting a few for my bday :)

Just Desserts said...

HI dharmadreams, please give me your email add, i will send you our list of mini cakes with corresponding prices. To give you an idea, they're priced at P80-120 each. thanks!ugnjb

ante meridiem said...

Hi there, was just curious about your Chocolate Toffee cake (I've been reading a lot and heard that its a hit!) so was just curious about how many servings/slices is this cake good for? I'm planning to give it in an SC meeting as a gift to all of them. They're around 13 though :O Would one cake be enough? :) Also, can you send me a price list of you're mini cakes? :) I'm looking to give some of them as gifts (and try some myself as well! :D) Thank you!

Just Desserts said...

Hi ante meridiem,

Our 8" Chocolate Toffee is good for 10 people, the 9" (P690) would be perfect for 13 people. Please email me at so I could send you our mini cake pricelist.