Saturday, October 28, 2006

Other Desserts

Chocolate Pound Cake

Signature Pound Cakes P250/loaf - Chocolate, Vanilla, Orange
Our signature pound cakes are creamy, buttery and soft. It can be enjoyed chilled, when it feels dense or at room temperature, when it slowly melts in your mouth.

Banana Loaf P250
rich, moist and fragrant! no extracts used

Ultimate Chocolate Chips
Gourmet Cookies P180/12 ; P95/6

new! Mocha Valencia
dark chocolate dough with an orange tang for a luxurious taste!

Ultimate White Chocolate Chip
by request! white chocolate lovers will love these superb cookies!

White House Peppermint
dark chocolate cookies with white chocolate peppermint chips

Ultimate Chocolate Chip
still rich in chips, not on dough!

Oatmeal Raisin
chewy oatmeal raisin butterscotch cookies with a hint of cinnamon
Original Peppermint Bars

Original Peppermint Bars P130/12 (petite)
refreshing peppermint layer on a dense chocolate torte

Food for the gods P150/12 (petite)
butter-rich chewy walnut and date bars!

Food for the goddess P150/12 (petite)
butter-rich chewy walnut and raisin bars!

Butterscotch Fudge Bars P150/12 (petite)
chewy butterscotch bars swirled with dark fudge and sprinkled with walnuts

Espresso Bars P130/12 (petite)
fudge bars shot with espresso and chocolate chips!

Fudge Walnut Bars P130/12 (petite)
chewy, dark and fudgy

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Sheena said...

hi this is Sheena again! Do you guys do bulk orders on the peppermint cookies? Is there a discount for that? I'm thinking around 80 packs of 6 peppermint cookies :D :D :D for january or so.. haha :D (big discount pls! :) )